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COPE Announces Sponsorship From the Truman Factory

November 24, 2021 – Austin, TX – Gaming nonprofit organization Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE) announced today their sponsorship from gaming candy platform The Truman Factory.

COPE is committed to removing esports’ outdated negative stigmas, educating parents on esports’ positive effects, and providing resources to make esports more rewarding. Through multifaceted leadership in the gaming space, COPE emboldens parents and children alike to share the beauty of esports.

The Truman Factory sits on the cutting edge of gaming technology and community development. Through candy, prizes, and entrepreneurial spirit, the brand empowers youth in the gaming space to chase their dreams and realize their passions.

The partnership of these two companies is a testament to esports’ power to inspire the youth of today to create a better tomorrow.

Founder of the Truman Factory, Gen Z gamer Truman Wilson, explains “I was raised by a father who always supported what I wanted to do, to try things out.” “When I was 11 years old, I was watching kids on Shark Tank and told my dad I wanted to make a chocolate bar with a golden ticket like Willy Wonka. His father, Derek Wilson, continues, ‘I thought ok, That’s a big idea!’ I had to see if we could do it.

“Big ideas take you places, and four years later, that big idea has turned into a national candy brand for the gamer community. On our journey, we came across COPE and loved the idea of educating other parents on how to support their kid’s big ideas.”

COPE CEO Chris Spikoski lauds the partnership, saying, “One of the things we see in the gaming community is young kids becoming entrepreneurs and running with brilliant ideas. When we saw Truman, a young gamer pushing his candy for gamers by gamers, as well as the unconditional support of his father, it was a no-brainer to partner with them. The COPE values and mission align with The Truman Factory.”

Co-Founder Shae Williams says, “At COPE, we see amazing kids doing unbelievable things with the support of parents who let them play outside the box. Truman combining his passion for video games with the allure of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket to create Truman Factory is what COPE is all about. We’re parents who took a risk and listened to our kids when most adults told us we had lost our minds. Derek and Truman took their collaboration to a new level with a gamified candy bar. Willy Wonka would be proud!”

The gaming community waits with bated breath to see what these two powerhouses will accomplish next. For more updates, follow COPE on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and The Truman Factory on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


About COPE: Coalition of Parents in Esports is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2020 by parents of pro esports players and gaming influencers who were tired of the outdated negative stigma of gaming. Having seen the positive effects of online gaming and streaming at building the confidence, community and careers of their own children, they wanted more parents to realize that gaming could be an excellent use of interactive screen time. With positive parent involvement like any extracurricular activity, gaming can entertain, inspire and build transferable business skills applicable to their modern connected world. COPE provides resources and scholarships to help them get there.

About Truman Factory: Truman Wilson got inspired watching a kid’s episode of Shark Tank. He thought if they could do it that young, he could too. So the Truman Factory was launched as a brand that focused on what his peer group loved most – gaming, tech, candy…and prizes! Truman Factory is now establishing it’s brand in the ever growing market of content creators, streamers and gamers in general. The Factory is expanding its product line and hyping up the prize software, EPV 2.0, to create the most epic candy experience ever.

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