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Everything you want to know but are too afraid to ask

What is the biggest misconception from parents about esports?

Most parents think online gaming is a solitary, addictive activity that wastes valuable time and has no educational, social, or physical benefits.
Gaming has evolved into accessible, interactive entertainment and thrilling competitive sport that builds confidence, community, and curiosity.

What are the benefits of having your daughter or son involved in esports?

80% of children and teens who become involved in esports would have had no other organized sport or activity. Kids who gravitate toward esports are often excluded from more typical sporting activities. It is a new way for students to engage, grow and build self confidence.

How can parents support their children's interest in gaming and esports?

Don’t be intimidated by the unknown! Let them teach you how to play, how the rules work, and how to follow the action through online streaming or leader boards. Let us help you find programs in your community, school, and online.
COPE can help worldwide.

What skills can be improved with gaming?

Gaming builds teamwork and social skills just like any other sport. It teaches problem solving, strategic thinking, and time management. It builds confidence, endurance, resilience, and fine motor skills.  It demonstrates the power of discipline, practice, and perseverance to achieve goals. 

Can gaming lead to a career?

Esports and web3 is probably the most valid entry points to career paths for generations z and alpha. Gaming and esports encompass exploding job markets with career opportunities that span much more than just competitive play. Careers are available for in-game competitive commentary, journalism, computer science, finance, statistics, marketing, legal and even medical.  If your child has an entrepreneurial spirit, the market is wide open with possibilities for successful business ideas. Have we mentioned blockchain gaming and w3? Your kids know.

What transferable business skills are learned through esports?

Competing teaches teamwork. Streaming teaches public speaking and commuinication. Gaming has been proven to spark interest in STEM careers. Our increasingly digital world needs more kids pursuing technical degrees and certifications. Playing Fortnite or Rocket League teaches the benefits of an optimized PC, the network impact of packet loss, and the importance of cybersecurity in their social media accounts. Some will find they have a knack for video editing, writing as a social media manager, or even getting creative with UnReal Engine.  Mostly it opens minds to their own creative possibilities and builds confidence.

What are the physical and social benefits of esports?

While gaming is a mostly sedentary sport, so is F1. Overall physical and mental fitness improves performance in all sports. Practice is essential. Nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness lead to better experiences and results. Yes, even in esports!

Despite the widespread belief that gamers are socially isolated, modern video games encourage social interaction and increase communication skills in our digitally connected world. Most gamers (over 70%) play video games with one or more friends. Online gaming has proven to be beneficial tool for kids who struggle socially.

If a child wants to pursue a career in esports, how can parents support them?

First, do not be dismissive. If your 10 year old told you they wanted to be Messi, you would get them the most dope ball and kit and sign them up for the best league and coaching you could afford. Do the same for esports. Encourage practice time, relaxed fun time, and cheer their tournaments. Teach good sportsmanship. Find or start an esports program in your school or community. Explore esports options for college. Engage with COPE.

Is there a direct link between violent behavior and online games?

The link between gaming and violence has been disproven in many studies. The myth is fueled by the media stoking parental fears for the well being of our kids. Like any activity, parental involvement is critical to ensure our kids are playing the right games and getting the most out of their experiences. Studies show that children and teens understand the difference between reality and fantasy. The violence they experience in games often mirrors the turmoil they feel inside providing an emotional outlet to to find their inner strength.

How to choose the best games for my kid?

Start with interactive games you can play as a family and let your child lead you to games that spark their interest. COPE can assist with resources.  Minecraft and Roblox are great places to start and appropriate learning for all ages. Don’t fear games that involve shooting, zombies or monsters as long as it’s age-appropriate. Use our amazing COPE partner resources to find what is best for your family.