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COPE is a charity operating on the goodwill of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Fundraise in your community or online to support our programs and scholarships.

COPE was started by parents with just their own resources during covid lockdown. The organization still operates with a mostly volunteer staff and an amazing board of industry leaders and passionate parents who all believe in the importance of our mission for kids everywhere.

Create your own COPE fundraising campaign on your stream!

Steps to a Successful Charity Stream for COPE

Step 1

Create a Plan Ahead of Time

Having a good time set for the charity stream drive is important. You want to have enough time to set up a good date, make prize incentives, plan social media announcements, and build up hype.

Step 2

Create a Stream Schedule

Decide how long you want to stream, what games you want to play, and how you can get your community involved. You may also decide to do something like a subathon where time is added for more money donated.

Step 3

Integrate Tiltify

With Tiltify, all donations will go directly to COPE. This avoids the hassle of sending us the money after the stream has concluded. Let Tiltify do the work for you, so you can sit back and relax after a successful stream. Start a Campaign using Tiltify now. You can check out our Documentation to learn about how to set up campaign.

Step 4

Create a Stream Schedule

Post about the charity stream on all of your socials to maximize the turnout for the event. If you need help, use COPE’s Media Kit to help design social media posts for all of your accounts. When you make these posts, feel free to forward them to COPE so we can share them to our audience as well.

Step 5

Prepare your Stream Layout

If you want to add any COPE assets, click HERE. We have five different colors that you can choose from. Each color has alerts, a facecam overlay, an ad animation, scene overlays, and panels. You can use any of the graphics provided for the stream. You can also use your own stream graphics too.

Step 6

Create Incentives for your Audience

You can add incentives, do giveaways when reaching a certain goal, and even add rewards for donating money. Giving your community more ways to engage with the stream can help you reach your goal. If you are having a hard time creating incentives or giveaway prizes for your stream. Check out ideas down below.

  • -Shave head/eyebrows
  • -Spicy food challenge
  • -Eat something very sour or bitter 
  • -Shotgun a beer (only streamers 21+)
  • -Gfuel challenge (or any other supplements you may be partnered with)
  • -Beanboozled
  • -Reading through unban requests
  • -Play a horror game wearing a silly costume
  • -Top Donator receives grand prize
  • -Any Donation adds you to a drawing for prizes
  • -Largest single donation receives large prize
  • -Most active chatter receives prize

Step 7

Use Chatbots to Engage your Chat

Add commands and timers to your stream to help keep viewers engaged and allow them to find COPE easily. Think !charity, which will provide viewers with the Tiltify donation link.

  • Suggested commands:

    -!COPE command w/ brief description 

    • Coalition Of Parents In Esports is a charity organization whos mission is to provide resources and support to all gamers and their families around child safety, wellness, education, and career needs. They also provide scholarships for college, equipment, and travel!

    – !AmazonSmile

    • You can support COPE simply by shopping through and searching for Coalition Of Parents In Esports.

Step 8

Thank You Messages

Be sure to thank your viewers for their support of COPE throughout the stream. This can include, but not limited to: verbally thanking them on stream, alerts for donations, sharing their donation on your social medias, or following up after the stream with a personal message.​