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Industry Board Of Advisors


Feb 21, 2022 – Austin, TX – Gaming nonprofit organization Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE) announced today the members of their new Industry Advisory Board. Why do parents need to be involved with their childrens’ gaming passions? Award-winning Call of Duty commentator and COPE Advisor Miles Ross sums it up when he says, “Without the blessing of my mum and dad, I would have never been able to begin my journey into the industry. Educating parents on the experience of competitions and events is paramount to easing concerns.” 

COPE is committed to removing esports’ outdated negative stigmas by informing parents, educators, and community leaders on how gaming can be a beneficial tool to build confidence, curiosity, community, and career aspirations by meeting kids where they are. Director of Player Performance for Evil Geniuses Dr. Lindsey Migliore says, “I’m proud to be an Advisor for COPE as they lead us into a brighter esports future.” COPE was founded by parents who have experienced the positive benefits in their own professional esports children. Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Commercial of Belong Gaming Arenas Wim Stocks says, “Congratulations to cofounders Shae Williams and Chris Spikoski for their vision, which is enabling far broader understanding and acceptance of the power and benefits of gaming and esports.” 

This team of  industry professionals volunteering their time share their passion for encouraging parents to leverage gaming to connect with their child and help their child grow. Esports scholastic director and coach Chris Turner states, “Everything starts and ends with the parents. COPE will educate our parents in esports, college, and career pathways… We’re talking about changing generations and families.” Director of University of Oklahoma’s OU Esports Mike Aguilar says, “Parental support is critical to helping prospective students at the higher education tier find their voice and platform sooner in their college career.”   Rick Suarez, Managing Director for Stay Plugged In which is a leader in college recruiting said, “The key to me right now is to engage and educate the parents of these esports athletes.” Through education, support and services, COPE empowers parents and children to communicate effectively across the generational digital divide about getting their most out of interactive screen time safely. Partnerships Manager at Twitter Gaming Zach Mazzotta said, “COPE’s mission to educate parents is an important one as the gaming space can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate.” 

COPE’s board members represent a diversity of experienced voices. Co-Founder and CTO of Esposure Rose Johnson says, “I am excited to contribute to the mission of COPE to ensure that the esports community continues to grow and build bridges of diversity, equity and inclusion.” In addition to their professional backgrounds, they also bring differing personal experiences as gamers, parents of gamers, and even former naysayers of gaming. Business Development Manager at Kovaaks Cody Dragon says, “I hope my work alongside COPE as an esports entrepreneur and businessperson helps to bridge the digital divide that exists within so many family units.” Popular Fortnite commentator “MonsterDface” for Epic Games and CEO of Practice Server Javier Collazo said, “I’m looking forward to creating authentic gaming experiences with the COPE team for gamers and their parents.”

All the board members shared a passion to show others what gaming can be for their child with their involvement, support, and love. Leading the new board is esports attorney Justin Jacobson, Esq. who sums it up from his perspective, “As a new parent, an industry professional and academic in the esports and professional gaming world, I’m happy to join COPE.” 

With all these powerful new names on board, COPE will strengthen its family positive influence across the gaming community and reach more parents with what they can do to support their kids gaming for the best results. For more updates, follow COPE on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


About COPE: Coalition of Parents in Esports is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2020 by parents of pro esports players and gaming influencers who were tired of the outdated negative stigma of gaming. Having seen the positive effects of online gaming and streaming at building the confidence, community and careers of their own children, they wanted more parents to realize that gaming could be an excellent use of interactive screen time. With positive parent involvement like any extracurricular activity, gaming can entertain, inspire and build transferable business skills applicable to their modern connected world. COPE provides resources and scholarships to help them get there.