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Our Mission

Empower parents to leverage gaming and w3 to build youth confidence, curiosity, community, & careers.

Parents are criticized for allowing their kids to game. We encourage it, with balance, understanding, and support. Like any activity, children will get the most from their gaming experiences with parent involvement, thoughtful structure and positive support. We are here to show you how.

Our History

CoFounders Shae Williams, Chris Spikoski, and Dave Herzog entered esports supporting the  dreams of their respective sons Duster, Sceptic, and Crimz. Along with Mamabenjyfishy, MrSavage’s dad, Bully’s Mom, Arkham’s Dad, Hen’s Mum and other like minded parents around the world, they shared a frustration of the negative view of gaming and the lack of understanding and respect for what was really happening when teenagers engage online to play games. They saw firsthand the powerful benefits of esports to inspire interest in STEAM education and career paths while also building invaluable communication and critical thinking skills. These enterprising (read: bored covid locked-down) parents decided their voice was more powerful together. They had bravely ventured into the “Lord of the Flies” world of esports and found each other on Twitter, Discord and at LAN events from NY to Toronto to Jonkoping. They bonded supporting each other, their own kids, and the thousands of kids online who find their people and inspiration through gaming. They want more parents to learn how to use gaming and navigate esports to bond with their kids. 

COPE is united to show a different view of gaming today. It is educational, social, and fun, whether competing, casually playing or spectating. It can spark interest in a myriad of professional, technical, and creative careers. #TogetherWeCOPE  #notyourparentsbasement