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Our Mission

  • Revolutionizing esports by getting parents involved
  • Removing the negative outdated stigmas
  • Educating Parents on how to support their child
  • Raising awareness on the education benefits
  • Informing on the many career paths
  • Providing resources to make esports more rewarding
  • Providing scholarships to youth in need


Gamer parents Shae Williams and Chris Spikoski entered the esports scene in 2018 through the passions and dreams of their respective sons OA Duster and MSF Sceptic. Along with other enlightened parents, they recognized a need to help youth, parents and educators navigate esports by providing community, support and resources.

COPE was founded by parents of gaming professionals and influencers who have seen the benefits of gaming to build thriving communities and confident individuals. Parents are criticized for allowing their kids to game. We are here to encourage it, with balance. Like any activity, children will get the most out of their gaming experiences with parent involvement, thoughtful structure and positive support. We are here to show you how.

We are united to show a different side of what gaming is today. It is educational, social and fun, whether competing, playing or watching. It can spark interest in technical and creative careers. It is definitely not your parents’ basement!